At Tabanero Cigars, We Believe...

in the heritage of the once named Cigar Capital of the World, Ybor City. We believe we can bring back our cigar industry and respect with the best elements offered in Tampa: Passionate Cuban Rollers and Oliva Tobacco Co.

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We are much more than just cigar makers. From the Ybor district of historic Tampa Florida, the heart and soul of America’s cigar history we create cigars that are truly special.  Our passion for hand making the perfect cigar is reflective of our Cuban heritage and our factory here in Tampa brings that history and love of quality alive.

  We are committed to the finest principles and care in our products and for us, each cigar is an extension of our love for cigar making. We believe it is an artistry, an artistry that we are honored to share with you. With every Tabanero cigar you are enjoying an element of our history, our heritage and the desire we have to create those cigars right here in the United States. Take a moment to look over our selection of offerings and let us help you see why our passion for making cigars is at the heart of all we do.


The Vision of Beauty

May 24, 2017

Beauty manifests itself in a myriad of ways; it is all around us. I was walking by a vacant lot in the neighborhood, the northeast corner of which has been overtaken by a seven-foot weed bush. Not sure if weed bush is an actual thing, but let's roll with it. On the end of the stalks of this weed were beautiful yellow flowers.  It was an unexpected gift of beauty. It evoked the old adage: ‘take time to smell the flowers.’ How often do I? Am I aware of the beauty around me? Or do I allow the busyness of each day to hold captivate my attention and keep my focus so inside my own thoughts and concerns that I...

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Tabanero and The NFL Draft

May 01, 2017

We have many and varied interests at Tabanero Cigars. Our attention this week was focused upon the draft of players into the National Football League. As I was watching the first round of the draft, while enjoying a Taba Big Daddy (it just seemed appropriate for the occasion) something occurred to me. Most of the world was watching the draft along with me, but at that same moment, the NBA was in middle of their playoffs. How discouraging it must be for them. If all American sports were a family, then Major League Baseball would be the older brother who rebelled a long time ago but now is quietly getting the right thing done, the National League Football would be...

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