We’re passionate about restoring the once famous Cigar Capital of the World

The Tampa Cigar Industry

It began in 1886 with Vicente Martinez Ybor and was reborn in 2016 with Yanko Maceda

What to Expect on a Tabanero Cigars Tour

Experience the Re-birth of Handmade Cigars in the USA by Passionate Cuban born artisans.

The tour is 45-minutes where we walk you through:

  • How Tampa was made with the cigar industry.
  • The process of manufacturing the hand-made cigars with the cigar rollers at work.
  • The quality control process at our factory.
  • We take you in our walk-in humidor and explain the aging process. In the humidor we also let you experience the different aromas by inspecting our tobacco leafs.
  • Then there’s a brief power point presentation on how to cut, punch, light and set off the hand-made cigars the correct way.

We have a small setup of 5 to 10 Cuban Cigar Rollers who will be hand-rolling the best Tampa cigars. Each tour includes a complimentary cup of our Cuban coffee and 5% off of any purchase on tour day.

Tours are done at 4pm almost every day! Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance. Minimum of 2 people and maximum of 10 people. Cost of $15 per person.