Cigar Repair Service - You Send Your Damaged Cigars to Us

This service starter as a joke in our boutique factory Tabanero Cigars in Tampa, Florida. Having our production line right in the front of the store our customers watch the entire process on front of them.

Customers and friends of the store will sneak in the production line and ask the rollers: "Hey my friend can you re-wrap this cigar for me I will pay you!" I realized that manufacturing in the United States has pros and cons. I made a sign with a price per stick repair to try and stop people asking for the repair service, and it did the opposite!

Because the demand costumers are suggesting to offer the service online so here it is:

Go to and look at the bottom for cigar repairs.

On the page the sign of we repair cigars.

This is service to re-wrap and triple cap your cigars, we can’t make miracles if the cigars are broken in half or fractured!


  • Wet cigars
  • Flavored or infused cigars
  • Cigars that have been lit

Thank you!

Ordering Details:

Ship your damaged cigars (at your expense) to: 
Tabanero Cigars
Attn: Cigar Repair
1601 E. 7th Ave
Tampa, FL 33605

Please include your order confirmation inside the box.

Minimum 5 cigars: $7.50
Any additional $1.50 per cigar

*Shipping will be added to this order for return shipping cost.