Tampa-Havana Cultural Exchange Tours

Cultural exchange tour for you to experience Havana & Pinar del Rio Cuba

Tampa to Havana, Cuba Cultural Tour

Traveling to Cuba with its colorful Colonial Caribbean history, beautiful coastline, and rich domestic products is a great vacation by itself. Add to that a trip to an actual tobacco farm in the lush Pinar Del Río region and you have an amazing trip. If you do so with Casa Tabanero Tours then you transform this into a journey of a lifetime because you will be traveling with a Cuban family that is part of the cigar culture and you will travel them as family yourself.

The Tampa-Havana Tour Details

Our Tabanero – Havana Tour Guide
Jorge Maceda

Three trips are available:
– October 30-November 2, 2017
– November 6-November 9, 2017
– November 13-November 16, 2017
Learn about our itinerary and more small details about the trip here.

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